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About UPMC CancerCenter Registry Information Services

Registry Information Services is an emerging division of UPMC CancerCenter. This service is separated into two distinct sub-divisions within the UPMC Network Cancer Registry, one handling data collection and dissemination for clinical and hospital operational purposes and the other dedicated to specific efforts and data needs of the research community of the Centers of Excellence within the UPMC CancerCenter and the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI).

The UPMC Network Cancer Registry is comprised of over 40 full time staff responsible for maintaining a standardized data system designed for the collection, management and analysis of patient demographic, grading, staging, treatment and progression data on patients having a diagnosis of cancer. It is also a key source for Honest Broker Services established in May 2003 to meet the needs of our oncology research environment here at UPMC CancerCenter.

Standardized data is captured for all reportable diagnoses in accordance with Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Department of Health regulations. Due to these public health agency regulations, this registry process is exempt from HIPAA consenting processes. Most facilities within the Registry also adhere to the voluntary standards set forth by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer for approved cancer programs. Primary sources for data extraction are both paper and electronic medical records. Data is abstracted via manual and electronic methods into the cancer registry database by Certified Cancer Registrars. Registry data includes demographics, personal and medical history, diagnostic findings, primary cancer identification, staging, grading, treatment and outcomes The entire UPMC Network Cancer Registry information system is architected on the North American Association of Central Cancer Registry (NAACCR) data standards.


The Registry currently includes data on patients from 13 hospital-based registries from the following UPMC facilities:

  • UPMC Bedford
  • UPMC Braddock
  • Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC
  • Hillman Cancer Center
         Building Bridges: 2010 Cancer Report
         UPMC Hillman Cancer Center 2010 Cancer Program Annual Report
  • UPMC Horizon
  • Magee Womens Hospital of UPMC
         Magee Womens Hospital of UPMC 2010 Cancer Program Annual Report
  • UPMC McKeesport
  • UPMC Mercy
  • UPMC Mercy South Side
  • UPMC Northwest
  • UPMC Passavant
  • UPMC Passavant Cranberry
  • UPMC Presbyterian
         UPMC Presbyterian 2010 Cancer Program Annual Report
  • UPMC Shadyside
         UPMC Shadyside 2010 Cancer Program Annual Report
  • UPMC St. Margaret
         UPMC St Margaret 2010 Cancer Program Annual Report
  • Use of Registry Data

    The UPMC Network Cancer Registry accessions an overall volume of over 24,000 new cases per calendar year, including over 13,000 reportable cases and over 11,000 non reportable cases (minimal data collected for annual reconciliation with the Pennsylvania Department of Health). Today, there are more than 320,000 records in the Registry with many facilities recording data starting as early as 1988. The data is used for various meetings, educational activities, quality improvement projects, administrative planning, and of course incidence reporting. Additionally, requests for purposes of preparing for research and IRB approved and IRB-exempt research for the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute and UPMC CancerCenter, including, but not limited to, tissue annotation activities through cooperative efforts with the Health Sciences Tissue Bank (HSTB) of UPMC. Registry Information Services has completed approximately 2,020 total requests between 2004-2008, or an average of 404 requests per year.. (Last Updated July 2009)