About UPMC Registry Information Services

The Registry Information Services of UPMC Hillman Cancer Center is a service separated into two distinct sub-divisions within the UPMC Network Cancer Registry, one handling data collection and dissemination for clinical and hospital operational purposes and the other dedicated to specific efforts and data needs of the research community of the Centers of Excellence within UPMC Hillman Cancer Center.

The UPMC Network Cancer Registry (Registry) is comprised of full time staff responsible for maintaining a standardized data system designed for the collection, management and analysis of demographic, diagnosis, staging, grading, treatment and progression data on patients having a diagnosis of cancer and other reportable conditions seen at UPMC hospitals and UPMC Hillman Cancer Center hospital-based clinics.

Registry Information Services is the "customer service" component of the UPMC Network Cancer Registry with the core mission to provide data services to meet the needs of both clinical and research environments of UPMC and UPMC Hillman Cancer Center. Our research division serves as a key resource for collaborative Honest Broker Services. Established in May 2003, our honest broker system is deemed the “gold standard” honest broker system by the University of Pittsburgh Institutional Review Board due to its collaborative design consisting of many departments and divisions supporting oncology care and research.

For more information about the UPMC Network Cancer Registry, Registry Information Services, data requests or honest broker services, please contact Sharon Winters, MS, CTR, Director, Registry Information Services at winterssb@upmc.edu or (412) 647-6390.