Cancer Registries have many reporting requirements at the facility level, central registry level and national level.  Reporting is performed by facility-based and population-based cancer registries.   Cancer registry software must provide the ability to meet all reporting requirements.

Facility Based

Our facilities have many data and reporting needs which the UPMC Network Cancer Registry can fulfill including but not limited to:

  • Program Planning and Trending Assessment
  • Marketing and Survivorship Activities
  • Operational Presentations
  • Quality Improvement Activities Approved by the UPMC Quality Review Committee
  • Departmental Process Improvement Activities
  • Preparation for Research
  • IRB-Exempt Research Activities
  • IRB-Approved Research Activities
  • Research Study Recruitment Tasks
  • Reporting Required for Certification and Accreditation Maintenance

To request data from the UPMC Network Cancer Registry:

Email Sharon Winters or visit Process | UPMC Network Cancer Registry

Central Registry/State Based

The mission of the Central/State Registries is to collect and provide complete, accurate, and timely statewide cancer incidence data for determination of cancer rates, trends in the population, use in cancer control and research. In order to achieve this mission, all health care facilities and laboratories must report all cases of cancer, which are diagnosed and/or treated at the hospital or laboratory. In addition, state registries have agreements with other neighboring states to exchange data on common patients.

The UPMC Network Cancer Registry must adhere to laws and regulations for all states covering UPMC hospitals and hospital-based clinics in our network. This currently includes Maryland, New York and Pennsylvania. This public health reporting function is permitted under HIPAA.
UPMC is able to compare our data trends to state-based trends in cancer incidence and survival.

For more information on data available from state registries visit:

National Registries

The UPMC Network Cancer Registry data is including in the following national registries:

  • National Institutes of Health – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: a function of central-registry reporting, the National Program of Cancer Registries provide aggregate data consolidated from state registries.
  • National Program of Cancer Registries (NPCR) | CDC
  • American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer:  UPMC facilities voluntarily participating in this accreditation process are required to report a limited data set to the National Cancer Database (NCDB)
  • National Cancer Database (